Am I different 
Am I crazy 
The woman at the end of the bed looking at me but for a moment 
She disappears like a fog moving slowly across the field 
Why does she visit me? 
Who is she? 
I don’t dream about her. 
I wake up knowing someone is watching. 
What does she need from me? 
Or What do I need from her? 
Visits come infrequently like a shy child interested but scared. 
Do you change like a butterfly or are their others? 
Like The bull that hovers above our bed. What does it need? 
What is it searching for? 
How can I help? 
Am I a part of this world or another? 
Am I special? 
Are there others like me? 
Will you give me a sign? 
Don’t be afraid. 
Show me why you appear. 
Step out from the shadows. 
Let me lead you into the light. 
Be free.  

-Keith G

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