A Constituent & His Congressman

Q&A with Congressman Ed Perlmutter (D) of Colorado on the UAP issue On August 12th, I had the honor and privilege to sit down with Congressman Ed Perlmutter. This was a meeting that I had been pursuing for nearly two years. My efforts began in September 2019, after the United States Navy had confirmed thatContinue reading “A Constituent & His Congressman”

High Strangeness As a Child Directs My Life.

Early 80’s when I was 6 years old, I had around five extremely vivid and terrifying episodes of ‘ultimate realness of being stuck in a section of eternity‘. An animated fractal dimension of forever travelling into complex, white geometry without getting anywhere. There was immense, wrathful pressure that was felt in the center of myContinue reading “High Strangeness As a Child Directs My Life.”

Secretary of Air Force Says We Should Take the Phenomenon Seriously

Bryan Bender from POLITICO scored some clutch UFO commentary from US Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall recently. Bender tweeted out that he had asked the Secretary “…if he has been briefed on UAPs and if he has thought about what the service’s role should be in defending American airspace against unidentified craft.” KendallContinue reading “Secretary of Air Force Says We Should Take the Phenomenon Seriously”

Quick Reacts: ODNI Preliminary UAP Assessment

– We got the win. The Report was always just a thumbs up or thumbs down on more investigation/funding/access to classified sensors & signal collection systems… and we got a thumbs up! The fact that DoD immediately announced the UAP Task Force will become a permanent investigative body ultimately represents a small but important win.Continue reading “Quick Reacts: ODNI Preliminary UAP Assessment”

Are They Watching Me..?

I recently read Chains of the Sea, written by Gardner Dozois. The short story itself has many layers and offers some interesting perspectives on the Phenomena. Folks like Lue Elizondo have publicly stated how close this story could be to actual reality. The main character, Tommy, really resonated with me. For many years, he couldContinue reading “Are They Watching Me..?”

Conspiracies and Compartmentalizing Axioms

I’m so thankful for the people in the UFO community that have documented the manipulation of conspiracies over the decades. Their examples have served many of us well, demonstrating a precedent in how to approach these claims and outlining how invested to be in them. From SERPO to the obvious intelligence community participation on Twitter,Continue reading “Conspiracies and Compartmentalizing Axioms”

My thoughts on Ufotwitter 2021 by 10 U.S.C 119-SAP @AjayDaGreat

I have been fascinated with the subject since my Uncle Airmen Arturo Baez Colon II (R.I.P) first told me about him and his copilots encounter in the Vietnam War April 1969 flying over Cambodia in the AC119 Stinger. On a clear day about 2 pm at 18000 feet, a crescent shaped gun metal grey UfoContinue reading “My thoughts on Ufotwitter 2021 by 10 U.S.C 119-SAP @AjayDaGreat”

My Experience With The Elizondo-Greenwald Saga

It’s nice to see titans in the field of fringe/UFO research sit down and speak objectively about complex situations. Which is why I applaud the recent Elizondo-Greenwald interview. It’s no secret that I had very little respect for John, specifically in the way I perceived he carried himself in the early stages of Mr. Elizondo’sContinue reading “My Experience With The Elizondo-Greenwald Saga”