Are They Watching Me..?

I recently read Chains of the Sea, written by Gardner Dozois. The short story itself has many layers and offers some interesting perspectives on the Phenomena. Folks like Lue Elizondo have publicly stated how close this story could be to actual reality. The main character, Tommy, really resonated with me. For many years, he could see, feel, and communicate with the others. My personal experiences are no where close to what Tommy was experiencing. However, I feel my events are different and strange enough that they should be shared.

 My first remembered experience was back when I was 9 years old. My grandfather passed away a few months prior. Like any normal night, went to bed the usual way. However this night, something woke me up. As the cobwebs cleared, I looked over to my doorway, and saw a man standing there in shadow. I immediately thought it was my grandfather and was scared shitless. I buried my head under the covers and made no noise for some reason. My parents room was only about 10 feet away but i still decided to stay quiet. I began to just listen under the covers. Silence. A couple minutes later I hear my father’s alarm clock. I then hear him shut it off, climb out of bed and head into the bathroom. To this day, not sure what happened. All I can say is the memory has stuck with me for more than 35 years.

Since that day, I probably have had a couple dozen episodes at various houses. As I think back, some of them have happened around stressful times. Others, I’m not so sure. My typical vision is of a women standing at the end of my bed. Always in shadow. She only sticks around for a few seconds as I get my bearings. I don’t dream about her. I don’t know who she is. I’m always forced awake like I could feel a presence.

Over the years I feel like I am becoming more comfortable with these events even though they still feel traumatic during the moment. A couple months ago, I had a weird dream that was out of the norm. It happened during early morning. I was definitely in a light sleep pattern. In my dream I was visiting my parents with my 3 kids. We took a walk down the quiet road to a neighbor’s house. As the kids were playing in the road, I sat down at the end of their driveway looking at their house. In this dream, I was viewing myself as a third person above like a commentator at a sporting event. I remember clearly asking myself what the hell was I doing. To the western part of the neighbor’s yard are acres of dense trees. I remember all of a sudden I was getting “warning bells” that someone or something was watching me. I quickly woke up and sat up in bed. That “fight or flight” response activated every hair on my body to stand up. This was probably the most intense feeling I’ve ever had. Of course I got out of bed and turned on the lights. Nothing was visually there.

Was this just a dream? Maybe. It just felt odd and extremely different. I know what a normal dream feels like. This was not it. Writing this article is providing me a therapeutic release as I figure out what I should do. Business as usual? Perhaps. Should I set up cameras to record that occasional event? Should I cut out caffeine and the occasional beer to jumpstart more episodes? Not sure. Would you?

By @KeithGolembiew1 / UFO Phenom


My Experience With The Elizondo-Greenwald Saga

It’s nice to see titans in the field of fringe/UFO research sit down and speak objectively about complex situations. Which is why I applaud the recent Elizondo-Greenwald interview.

It’s no secret that I had very little respect for John, specifically in the way I perceived he carried himself in the early stages of Mr. Elizondo’s introduction to the public. It all felt very personal at a time when I was invested in the vetting surrounding Lue and his claims. I sincerely thought John was doing a disservice to the community at large with suggestive headlines & assumptions. To a degree, I still feel this is accurate.

At points I definitely took things too far in my distaste for John and his rhetoric. I posted regrettable statements about his car being burglarized due to poor karma (although I did note at the time I was relieved everyone was OK). I apologize to all for the poor decision making I exercised in posting that. I’m quite embarrassed I let my emotions get the better of me. I’m grateful for the friends I have who encouraged me to remove that post, like Andreas Freeman Stahl.

The reason why I mention this is because I do believe John acknowledged that some of his critiques of Lue did come off personally in his recent interview . Let’s also be honest, John does not suffer people he considers fools. Which can lead to some very contested conversations.

Over the past year or so, it does appear the John has adjusted his speculations away from it being significantly possible Elizondo was being untruthful. I think there were some key players in our community who helped convince John that Lue was not trying to mislead and they deserve credit one day.

So while we celebrate what looks a possible end to the Elizondo/Greenwald saga, it’s important that we remember we’re all people at the end of the day. Honor and duty go a long way with many of us and Lue can hold his head high. This was a big victory for team Elizondo . In that, it’s a victory for all of us.


UFOs and the Family Connection

UFOs and the Family Connection

For as long as I could remember I have been a curious person. I can vividly remember annoying the crap out of my parents with a million questions about everything I saw around me growing up. In my life I have had several strange encounters with UFOs and after doing some digging I found out that this is not exclusive to just me.

As a 10 year old kid on a beautiful September afternoon after school me and a couple friends in the neighborhood were play wrestling on the trampoline in my back yard. All of the sudden my friend John pointed up to the sky and said “what the heck is that thing!?”. For about 3 minutes my brother my neighbor and I stared at a metallic ball way up there in the sky. This prompted me to run inside and get my dad (knowing he is in aviation) to see if he knew what it was and even he was beside himself. This was my first ufo sighting and it lasted long enough for me to run to my neighbor John’s house grab his binoculars and have us all pass them around and get closer looks at this sphere. After it disappeared we concluded it was a UFO bc it was stationary for so long and this is when my father first told me the most amazing story I have ever heard from a family member to this day.

My father was raised on Long island by my Grandfather and Grandmother. My Grandfather was a pilot in WW2 and a helicopter pilot for Suffolk County police department in the 60s. That is where this story takes place. My grandfather was patrolling the beaches in his helicopter when he was called to check out a strange disc like craft hovering over the Northrop Grumman AFB. Upon arriving in the area my grandfather was looking at 2 large silver saucers hovering over the hangar in which the Lunar lander for the moon missions was being constructed in at that time. He chased the ufos as best he could before being called off by the air force. He then sat in a hover and witnessed 2 saucers completely toy with our best fighters of the time. My Father says that my Grandpa came home from work that day pale white and told my dad to go to his room. My father knew something was wrong because my grandpa never drank and had my grandma pour him a whiskey. He was pretty shook up about the encounter he had at work and my father eavesdropped as my grandpa told the story to my Grandma. That very week a silver saucer flew over Huntington Hospital (our family home was maybe 75 yards from the hospital tops) and swooped over our neighborhood emitting a pink smoke from the back. This was seen by many and made the papers in the Long Island press. My father recalls neighbors being interviewed.

Fast Forward to Christmas eve 2015 also in Huntington NY (long island); it is my brother, my mother, my father, and myself at approximately 11:55 pm when I am drawn to some lights appearing outside my window. At first I saw 2 orange lights and thought they were lights on the wingtips of a 747 on approach to JFK or something.. then those 2 lights turned into 4 and then 6 and then 7. These orange lights began dancing with one another (best way I can describe it) and some would turn off and reappear hundreds if not thousands of feet away in an instant. This prompted me to wake my parents and my brother and we were all at the windows watching this amazing show unfold before our eyes. We made the Rudolph and Santa jokes but this was no joke. Me and my father pull out our cellphones and begin documenting what we are witnessing and while we are doing this an 8th orange light appeared to enter our atmosphere at neck breaking speeds and flew on a downward trajectory heading straight for the ocean. My view was obstructed but I’m sure it hit the south shore at that trajectory if it didn’t change course but as soon as that happened the other 7 lights drifted straight up into a point and vanished. One of the 7 craft flew east and 3 of them just turned off like a light switch. After this incredible almost religious experience I couldn’t stop re-watching the footage I captured and remember thinking “damn, I actually captured something crazy” . I told my close friend at the time and he asked me to send him the clips, so I did. Upon him opening the video and watching it once it deleted off his phone, my videos deleted off of my gallery, as did my father’s videos. This really shook me up bc I know me and I would NEVER delete footage of ufos from my phone.. it was something that has been of great interest to me since i was 10 yrs old on that trampoline astonished at what i was seeing above me.

My theory on the xmas eve experience was that the craft crashed into the water, but my father believes it was a craft traveling so fast around the bend of the earth that it only appeared to be going down to us. I thought that was a pretty cool way to look at it but to this day my family always talks about that sighting and the others experienced by family members. In 2020 I saw a black triangle raining white orbs in september and more orange orbs in october here in fort wayne Indiana and I don’t think that I’m done experiencing this phenomenon by a long shot. In november I got an awesome photo of a tic tac ufo filmed by my uncle back on long island so I just want to say to the folks back on the east coast… keep your eyes on the skies because something is up there.

-Brian Smith



Man – A Being in Search of Meaning

TTSA and what it means to me

By: Tommy Zito

January 26, 2015 is a day that I will remember forever. My world was rocked by the news released by Rolling Stone, with the headline “Tom DeLonge Leaves Blink-182”. This was a very sad moment for me as I was watching one of the most influential pieces to my adolescence, fall apart again. This news not only came by much surprise, but it was also very confusing and convoluted, as the band had just recently mended its wounds and reunited after the very tragic plane crash that involved the bands drummer Travis Barker.

In late 2016 Rolling Stone did this again. But this time with something a little more odd, and much more intriguing. I knew Tom was up to something. WikiLeaks had dropped some bomb shell emails between my favorite Rockstar and John Podesta, in “The Podesta Emails”. I’m sure WikiLeaks was just as surprised as I was to find that the punk rocker from SoCal was having in-depth conversations with high ranking government officials, and also Air Force and NASA generals. The breakup of Blink was becoming much more clear. It was obvious that Tom’s book Sekret Machines: Chasing shadows, co-authored with AJ Hartley, had made waves not only with the AVA and Blink faithful but within the US government too.

After the WikiLeaks e-mails were confirmed to be authentic we were littered with cryptic social media posts by Tom. Saying that a groundbreaking announcement would be made. This literally went on for months. Until October 11, 2017 when Tom DeLonge took the stage with some very impressive individuals, such as Jim Semivan, who spent 25 years working for the CIA, Dr. Hal Puthoff who’s spent a life time working with government black projects, including the CIA’s remote viewing program (Go watch the George Clooney movie, “The Men That Stare at Goats” Right now!) Christopher Mellon, who served 12 years on Capitol Hill in various positions including Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. The man was the keeper of our national secrets! Steve Justice, who served as the Director of Advanced Programs for the highly respected division of Lockheed Martin, Skunk Works. And a Career intelligence Officer named Luis Elizondo. The announcement was filled with telling information about the Public Benefit Corp, we all know today as To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science.

Tom DeLonge and Luis Elizondo, Image: Den of Geek

The formation of the company was only solidified on December 17, 2017 when the New York Times release the article “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O program”. Where we learned that the government had not been 100% forthcoming, and they were studying UFO’s under a secret program called AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program), started by Fmr Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, and was being run by our very own Elizondo. This article was combined with three historical UAP videos, and a truly amazing story told by a 18 year fighter pilot Veteran, Cmdr David Fravor. This changed the view on UFOs but also how ufology should work. It brought legitimacy to the subject and could no longer just be chalked up to tin foil hats and little green men.

The egg had been broken.

To The Stars Academy was propelled to the top of ufology and was making waves that we had never seen before. Shaking up not only the UFO community, but also mainstream media. In further work done by the great George Knapp. We later learned that this program not only was connected to every three-letter agency under the sun, but also to the legendary property once owned by Robert Bigelow, Skinwalker Ranch and now studied by one of Utah’s most prominent business men, Brandon Fugal . A property that I have been intrigued by and interested in ever since I learned about Coast to Coast AM, and truly where my roots began in ufology.

Brandon Fugal, Image: Utah Business Magazine

TTSA was what brought the subject full circle, left me without doubt that something strange is happening here and has been for a very long time. TTSA was the tool that got the government to unknowledge this phenomenon in a way they never had before. It answered some questions but has left us all with even more. TTSA is what made me ok with Matt Skiba taking Tom’s place in Blink-182 and has brought a elevation to a subject that was long overdue. No matter the recent TTSA revelations (see Mike B’s recent blog entry) the snowball is running down the hill at an unprecedented pace. I have no doubt in my mind that this can not be stopped. It’s too big, too fast, too involved and too damn interesting to just pull the plug. TTSA has given propose and motivation to even the most average person. Its given a voice, its given bravado in some circumstances. This is a machine that will not stop. To The Stars Academy is something larger than life, and one day could help provide answers to some of our greatest questions.

We cannot uncrack a broken egg.


Au Revoir TTSA?

Au Revoir TTSA?

There has never been an organization quite like TTSA in the history of UFO/UAP studies, considering they don’t even identify themselves as such. So much analysis of this company feels like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. The comparisons are understandable to previous efforts of groups from different backgrounds working cooperatively that didn’t pan out, but that shouldn’t define every effort in the future that has similarities, including this group.

Our mission is to be a vehicle for change by inspiring a newfound appreciation of the profound, yet unresolved, mysteries of the universe that can unify people around the world. We are working to achieve our mission via an aerospace, science and entertainment consortium that collaborates with global citizens to investigate the outer edges of science and unconventional thinking and provide access to information through exotic engineering, entertainment media, and education that ignites the imagination.”

– TTS AAS Mission from SEC Annual Report FY 2017

Clearly some of the problems the community had with this organization were legitimate. Dave Scott of Spaced Out Radio listed 14 bullet points that red flagged TTSA . Anyone reading this should go check out Dave’s article. Some of those criticisms listed had traction and were legitimate. It’s no secret about the controversy TTSA’s efforts and presence precipitated.

How objective are the criticisms levied at Tom and his organization? They vary , but some deserve further elaboration.

-Tom Delong’s dislike of President Trump(and republicans in general) did not win over many in the predominant right/center right leaning UFO community. Others are just turned off when someone starts talking politics. That doesn’t change the fact that the topic is attached to all sorts of political and religious dogma. The community needs to learn how to navigate partisan rhetoric involving UAP, including Tom. If the intention is for this topic to become a serious talking point, there needs to be recognition it might become even more politicized than it is now. How can the discussion remain objective then?

-TTSA did not focus on witnesses/events from well known cases in the past was another criticism. I’m not sure this is entirely true. The scope of a project can define what you attack. Obviously their scope was not to rehash all of UFO history. Issues with this are more expectation management and less of TTSA not delivering. But it’s worth noting that they have cited other previous, well known cases in some of their work like Rendlesham Forest.

-It’s hasty to assume the TTSA former “spooks” are the same as the ones that help kept this story underground. To paint all DOD/DIA employees with the same brush isn’t a fair shake.

The TTSA saga is not over…yet. Most of the community is unsure of their future, but some people close to the situation say that “…this is one of the best things that could of happened.”

At the end of 2020, I’m reflecting on the last couple of years. When we look up at the disclosure scoreboard, no one was putting up points like TTSA.

Love it or hate it.

Quick Reacts: ODNI Preliminary UAP Assessment

– We got the win.

The Report was always just a thumbs up or thumbs down on more investigation/funding/access to classified sensors & signal collection systems… and we got a thumbs up! The fact that DoD immediately announced the UAP Task Force will become a permanent investigative body ultimately represents a small but important win. It’s another step in the right direction on the long path we’re on – just keep the big picture in view.

-They named the unexplained incidents and admitted we don’t know

The permanent program will focus on the 143 out of 144 (!) unexplained UAP incidents and in particular the 18 (!) where UAP demonstrated advanced “flight characteristics or signature management” that neither our best trained pilots nor our most cutting edge sensors can explain “pending scientific advances.” These were the incidents conveniently bucketed into the “Other” phenomenon category. Pretty wild that they admitted we are behind scientifically to… someone or something.

– The ignorant voices are the loudest but those in the know are starting to counter

Remember that this is the watered down UNCLASSIFIED version. Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator, who has top security clearance due to his former role on Congressional Intelligence committees, has seen the Classified version and just told CNN today that he doesn’t believe it’s Russian or Chinese and that it’s not ours. Mitt Romney also said the same thing. That’s progress. So don’t pay attention to any talking heads on TV telling people there’s no evidence for extraterrestrial intelligence, they just don’t have access to the military sensor data – it’s classified.

– We’re just getting started

Our job now is to PUSH. To push for more declassified data, more congressional follow up, military accountability, and even public hearings. We are an active participant in this journey, and not just passive observers of this history unfolding before our eyes. Keep up the pressure #ufotwitter!

Quest for Truth

The new year has started out with a bang or a dud. Depending on your point of view. Lots of excitement surrounds the UFO community as we near a deadline for the UAPTF report. Harvard scientist, DOD contractors and different ex intelligence officials hinting that we should study the subject openly. More interviews on podcasts with faces that are familiar to “us.” Yet the struggle continues to have the subject on primetime (6pm World News) ABC NBC CBS. The anchors we see here in the USA are not getting the green light from their producers to report it. Why? How does something that has national security implications continue to fly under the radar (literally)? COVID, Election and aftermath, the hottest hookups between celebrity A and B continues to kick us to the curb. I am under no impression that the treasure will be revealed in the first UAPTF report. Nor do I think it will be the last. I see a fully funded program in the future if we demand it. The cloak and dagger continues as people who had certain information and security clearances are shuffled away from the task force. The keepers of the secret are a feisty bunch and will not go down without a fight. That is their plan but in the words of one of the fiercest boxers to enter the squared circle (M. Tyson) “everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face.” The community together is that punch IMO.

What next then? As we saw before our very eyes 2.9 million people changed the status quo in the stock market. They upended the market and a lot of rich folks lost their minds. I think there is 2 million people in the USA that want this subject studied and out in the open. We have been told already that we have to contact our officials, us the people. These officials are on this very platform for us to communicate with them. It will take more than a tweet though. A coordinated effort by all who are really interested in ending the secrecy is needed. Email which is the quickest way for our concerns to be read. Letters which take longer to sift through but have an impact. Possible protests are farther down the road. For now as a collective we need to use our given rights. Why?

  1. To demonstrate to an official that his constituents are aware of an issue or situation and have a real interest in the outcome.
  2. To inform an official about an issue giving background and history that he or she might not have.

How can this not help. There are so many of you with thousands of followers in large numbers, I know not all are citizens of this country but even if half or more are that’s huge. Many of you also have direct links to these talking heads on Twitter. The ones that post videos every other day and give their insight on the subject. Why would they not want to be behind this effort? Personally I think it also a great way to call these folks to action to see if they are worried about numbers or to bring things to light. Our friends outside of the continental US, I am sure have friends here that they can implore them to make CONTACT. The emphasis is the USA but others can do the same in their country. Some of you have spoken of a date that we can target. How can July 2nd which is World Ufo Day not be that day to make an impact, it is only fitting to do so. There are templates for letters and email already being passed around. I will pin the one I have on my page if interested. It is time to put the proverbial POMPOMS down and get in the game. If you have the ability to motivate others on this subject do it. Or in the words of Rapper Ludacris….”Move b%$ch! Get out the way!” JK…

Another point that I would like to make in order to help this cause. For my experiencer folks. The nuts and bolts aspect of the phenomena is not much of an interest to many of you. I understand that disclosure has already happened in one FORM or another. Proper study of one brings the study of other phenomenon that is happening in your personal lives. It is not a barrier I agree with but unfortunately it is there. IMO your voice is needed in this effort. I hope you agree.

I urge many of you to copy and paste and share this with others that do not follow UAP Blog. The end goal is the same, we eventually will need all hands on deck to pull each other out of the muddy waters.

Not picking on these guys but just an example.

Richard Dolan 55k

Jeremy Corbell 36k

George Knapp 63k

Jimmy Church 36k

EarthFiles 37k

Before there was no one to address this to in the USA. Now we have the Honorable Mark Warner.

Conspiracies and Compartmentalizing Axioms

I’m so thankful for the people in the UFO community that have documented the manipulation of conspiracies over the decades. Their examples have served many of us well, demonstrating a precedent in how to approach these claims and outlining how invested to be in them. From SERPO to the obvious intelligence community participation on Twitter, there always seems to be a party interested in your belief system.

Frequently it seems the UFO field is surrounded by other suggested conspiracies to be involved. I won’t pretend that I have researched all of these connections to an extent that I can prove to you, or anyone , that they are indeed false and not connected. Just because one participates in UAP/UFO discussions doesn’t mean you owe it to anyone to chase down other conspiracies. So I will avoid mentioning what I’ve heard in particular, but I’m confident anyone reading this knows a few of the claims being vaguely referenced.

This is where discernment and logic need to be applied. The criteria needed to prove something true, in a reasonable manner, is not the same criteria as proving something false.

I see so many intelligent people, online and in my life, conflate the criteria of proving something true versus false. Even some of our popular opinion leaders in the UFO field fall victim to this poor form. To be more accurate, we’re seeing the suggestion that any inability to meet the criteria of proving something false somehow proves the conspiracy true. This type of thinking is a fallacy.

The failure to prove something reasonably false is only indicative that you cannot meet the criteria proving it false. Full stop. Drawing conclusions that the failure to prove something false means it’s true will only end up distracting and wasting time.

Compartmentalize your logical axioms. Narrow the scope of your evaluation. Apply rigorous criticisms to the conclusions you draw. Most importantly, don’t let your emotions cloud the interpretation of your investigation.

My thoughts on Ufotwitter 2021 by 10 U.S.C 119-SAP @AjayDaGreat

I have been fascinated with the subject since my Uncle Airmen Arturo Baez Colon II (R.I.P) first told me about him and his copilots encounter in the Vietnam War April 1969 flying over Cambodia in the AC119 Stinger. On a clear day about 2 pm at 18000 feet, a crescent shaped gun metal grey Ufo appeared at their 3 o’clock position approximately 100 feet in front of their aircraft, they were at a cruising speed of about 175 mph. It dropped in like “someone playing with a Yoyo” was his description. It “darted” from their 3 to 12 then 9 o’clock position for 5 minutes, then dropped back behind them. Lost visual at that point. It was half the length than the AC119 which was about 90 feet in length. No blip on the radar or notifications from ground. They did not report the incident. He said they were terrified because he thought it would crash into them. The Ufo never took aggressive action. I asked if maybe if it was missile? He replied “if it was, I would be dead.” Until his passing in 2006 we would find time at reunions to talk. The story was always the same. This testimony is from someone who did not know anything about Ufo prior to being drafted into the war.

I , like many of you , dropped into this rabbit hole and have not cared to resurface from it. For two decades I have read and listened to other serious researchers books, magazines to present day blogs. From nuts and bolts (anything military, my favorite part) ) to consciousness, entities going thru walls, you name it, I have indulged in a lot of aspects of the subject. Ruppelt, Vallee, Keel, Stringfield, Mack, Dolan to following UFO Joe And Danny Silva to Ufotwitter. For many years I knew this part of Twitter existed but only peeked in on it every now and then. In July of this year I decided to enter the fray. I have learned things I was unaware of, even though I consider myself well read. From engaging experiencers, skeptics to scientist working on potentially ground breaking experiments. People who are putting in work. Podcasts and Youtube channels going over older and new cases, sharing information to a new audience, who continue to tune in everyday. These platforms are helping people share their experiences, this is so helpful for people affected by their encounters. If it was pleasant or not…now these have become release valves for them. It is also a great place for those who are past class ‘UFO101″ and on to the infamous “Math 55 class” (Harvard) of Ufology (or so we think). I see passionate people doing their best to raise awareness and uncover the most important finding in all mankind. I along with others appreciate their efforts even if no one tells them so. A true worldwide community. Ufotwitter helps in this regard in my opinion.

I also see the old school authors, writers and researchers who I have also followed from a far. These men and women in their own way keep a balance, no one asked them to but they do. If they have an opinion on someone’s post or comment, at times might seem demeaning or being talked down to. Like “I have four decades in this subject, you are not going to tell me that is not a balloon!” You get the gist. Like Ufotwitter Cops! They too are passionate and want acknowledgement for what exists, whatever it may be. They do not want the subject to be ridiculed because of wackos and frauds. Which many agree is a problem. People must grow thicker skin when you become combatants on opinions. They are just words after all. If you just dropped in on this subject in 2017 when a group in the USA helped declassify the three videos. Great! The veil has been removed from your eyes and voila…the real world is exposed in all its flawed glory. In my opinion having different narratives is paramount when it comes to “disclosure.” Waiting for people to give us the big news, picture or videos can be frustrating and agonizing. I have hope but have my guards up. So the more the merrier when it comes to getting leaks and data from people not associated to each other. I see no way of all of you holding hands and singing kumbaya together. Too many different views in what ‘disclosure” will look like. I do see people looking for the same result. An acknowledgement of an existence that is not us (human). What is visiting people directly? What is taking people against their will? Or if some of these Ufo that are being sighted, are ours…what the hell is the fuel source behind it? It is not plants, coal or gas is it? The answers we all wish we had. Although some claim they do, yet we do not believe them. At least here in the USA we have some type of dialogue with the government. It is still early but is progressing. The UAPTF could possibly be the first domino to fall. In a worldwide effect that would also help other governments be transparent with their citizens. Most countries are literally being told “nothing to see here.” so be grateful. Without any progression to this point. We would probably still be talking about “The Phoenix Lights” or if Dan Burisch was telling the truth.

I have seen alternatives to express ones thoughts pop up on Twitter lately .COM, .BLOGS. Giving a voice to people that want to share observations and experiences. A lot of us do not have the time or funds to launch anything bigger. This too will help the regular schmuck that has opinions and not be limited to 180 characters. If you use the hashtag or not I have good expectations for 2021 in moving the one thing we all have in common forward Ufo/Uap. I myself lean more on the activism part, like I said before I have no insiders. Oh wait…..to be honest, Mr.Jack Sarfatti (alleged TIC TAC inventor) finally answered a question of mine after three years of asking. So you never know. I will continue to follow and support people doing real work. I will continue to share good information and post it. I will keep sending sternly worded emails to my representatives, its not as glamourous as a Youtube channel or a Podcast but all work the same in my opinion. For those who have followers and people who rely on your research and work. Keep going and stay true to yourself. I will interject the proverbial “its a marathon, not a race” when it comes to “disclosure.” Others who dedicated their lives to this subject have come and gone. It is entirely possible we have a long road ahead or 180 days wink wink. Just keep pushing so future generations can have a different life. To know we are not alone in this vast Universe will definitely humble us and change the way we see each other. If you reached this far of the article. Thanks.

The Shadowman: A Journey’s Start

Like many others, my interest in UFOlogy began with an anomalous childhood experience that triggered a lifelong ontological & philosophical journey. Seeking the deeper meaning of consciousness, life, the universe, and our existence within it.

These ‘pierce the veil’ moments often leave us wanting more. For astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, it was his famous “Field Consciousness” moment on his way back from the Moon. This is my moment, my experience. I’m not sure what to make of it – and I’m certainly NOT claiming that I experienced something specifically paranormal. But the high strangeness of it all has stayed with me for years; eventually I couldn’t ignore this feeling that some other esoteric truth was escaping me.

It was 1995, in a quiet wooded suburb of Washington D.C sometime in the middle of the night. I heard a rumbling and then a clatter by my desk, across from my bed. I was in the 3rd grade, and as a recent immigrant to the States, I made it a point of pride to do as well or better than the other kids in my class, and I had a big test in the morning. I was annoyed by the noise, and with only my parents around, I was sure one of them needed some scotch tape, a piece of paper, or some other supply I kept in my desk. I groggily opened my eyes and what I saw still lingers in my psyche to this day.

I made out a shadow of a human or humanoid, who froze immediately upon my stirring. He turned its head to me but I couldn’t make out any features whatsoever. It was about 5 feet tall. Completely black, enveloped in shadow, with a large ovalish head.

Alien Silhouette in Front of Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free)  1033746800 | Shutterstock

“Dad, whatever you need, you can get it in the morning, please, I need to sleep.” I complained. In my head, it had to be my dad – even if I knew he was taller, who else could it have been? ‘I’m half asleep, I must be half dreaming’ I thought to myself, I’m sure he’ll tell me it was him in the morning. I didn’t think twice about it, I just turned back around and went back to sleep.

In the morning, I found out my Mom had heard odd noises and woken up my Dad to look around the house. He got up and looked around, found a broken window, and called the cops. He said he peaked his head in to make sure I was ok, but never went in my room. And to our knowledge nothing was missing. So I don’t think the cops even filed a report.

I was very confused. Was it an intruder? Normal robbery gone wrong when my Dad woke up? Probably. Logic dictates; Occam’s Razor and all that.

But I cannot deny what my brain is telling me my eyes experienced: an image of a 5 foot being with a large round oval head, completely black, featureless, slowly turning its head toward me. That will sit with me forever. I only wish I had had the wherewithal to have engaged it directly.

That was the hook for me. The next day I immediately went to my little elementary school library in a state of mental frenzy, demanding that the Adult Powers That Be help me hunt down books to explain exactly what I saw.

I’m still on that hunt today.