A Constituent & His Congressman

Q&A with Congressman Ed Perlmutter (D) of Colorado on the UAP issue On August 12th, I had the honor and privilege to sit down with Congressman Ed Perlmutter. This was a meeting that I had been pursuing for nearly two years. My efforts began in September 2019, after the United States Navy had confirmed thatContinue reading “A Constituent & His Congressman”

Man – A Being in Search of Meaning

January 26, 2015 is a day that I will remember forever. My world was rocked by the news released by Rolling Stone, with the headline “Tom DeLonge Leaves Blink-182”. This was a very sad moment for me as I was watching one of the most influential pieces to my adolescence, fall apart again. This newsContinue reading “Man – A Being in Search of Meaning”