Quick Reacts: ODNI Preliminary UAP Assessment

– We got the win. The Report was always just a thumbs up or thumbs down on more investigation/funding/access to classified sensors & signal collection systems… and we got a thumbs up! The fact that DoD immediately announced the UAP Task Force will become a permanent investigative body ultimately represents a small but important win.Continue reading “Quick Reacts: ODNI Preliminary UAP Assessment”

The Shadowman: A Journey’s Start

Like many others, my interest in UFOlogy began with an anomalous childhood experience that triggered a lifelong ontological & philosophical journey. Seeking the deeper meaning of consciousness, life, the universe, and our existence within it. These ‘pierce the veil’ moments often leave us wanting more. For astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, it was his famous “FieldContinue reading “The Shadowman: A Journey’s Start”