A Constituent & His Congressman

Q&A with Congressman Ed Perlmutter (D) of Colorado on the UAP issue

On August 12th, I had the honor and privilege to sit down with Congressman Ed Perlmutter. This was a meeting that I had been pursuing for nearly two years. My efforts began in September 2019, after the United States Navy had confirmed that the gun camera footage that was released in 2017 by To The Stars Academy was actually taken by U.S. Navy fighter pilots. This was a very significant moment since the public hadn’t received such admissions from the US government in nearly 70 years. When reaching out to Mr.Perlmutter, it was for the goal of learning where my direct congressman stood on such a controversial subject.

It’s my opinion that in the early stages of these communications the staff of the congressman were not taking me or the subject seriously. I didn’t fault them for this position because we didn’t have nearly the amount of evidence that we do today, like the DOD’s announcement and acknowledgement of the GIMBAL, Go Fast, and Tic-Tac videos. However, it was frustrating that my request to speak to my elected official was being filtered by the staff, and not being taken seriously. I was eventually connected with Jeff O’Neil, Legislative Director for Congressman Perlmutter. Jeff and I spoke for over 30 minutes and he listened to my concerns about the subject. After the call and a series of emails that spanned two months I was told that the Congressman was interested to follow the subject, but Jeff was unsure if Congressman Perlmutter would want to be briefed more personally on the matter.

I found this lack of commitment unacceptable and continued to try and get the Congressman to take the subject in a serious manner. I was eventually coached by Jeff to attend a town hall so I could get a more “in person” response. Shortly after these email communications took place , the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm. During the beginning of pandemic I did feel like our elected officials had more on their plate to deal with than me, so I held off.

Fast forward to summer of 2021; With the release of the UAPTF report June 25, 2021 and continued silence from Congressman Perlmutter my frustrations had grown. So on July 12th I attended a telephone townhall hosted by the congressman. I provided my question, spent an hour on the phone patiently listening, and waiting for my question to be asked.  The meeting ended without my question being raised. At this point I felt like I had hit a wall and done more than the average constituent should have to in order to gain the conversation I was looking for. Adding insult to injury was that I was still not being taken seriously by the Congressman’s office.

After the town hall concluded I called and left a voicemail for the Congressman’s office, emailed and even tweeted my frustrations on Twitter. The morning of July 13th, I called again, and was connected with the Congressman’s Constituent Services Rep. That call turned out to be very interesting. As i perceived their response as low key shaming me for my efforts. I was not going to be bullied on this topic. I explained to the Constituent Rep, my efforts, and that I found it was unacceptable for a constituent like my self to do everything her office asked me to but I still end up with a unsatisfactory result.

That’s when the tide changed.

Something changed, and it happened to be awesome. Was my concern at last taken seriously? After many calls, emails, tweets and frustrations vented, the staffer arranged to get me on the books for a virtual meeting over zoom with the Congressman. This meeting happened on August 12, 2021.

Here are the questions I asked, and the responses made by the congressman.

TZ: Are you aware of the June 25th congressionally approved Preliminary report on UAP, provided by ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence)?

EP: I’m aware of it, I haven’t…read it.

TZ: Have you receive the classified briefing

EP: No.

TZ: Would you peruse gaining that briefing?

EP: YES! Actually I was reading some notes in preparation for our meeting today. And I am interested in this stuff, so yes I will follow up to get a briefing

TZ: Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator asked NASA scientists to look into the UAP issue, What additional steps is NASA taking? Are you aware of any?

EP: I’m not aware, we had the administrator in front of the science committee, 3 weeks ago I would guess, that um, at least for the whole time I was there, which was pretty much the whole time, that topic did not come up. But now as you’re sorta pointing me towards the intelligence report, or get the briefing next time he’s in front of us I can ask him those questions, you know see what they’re doing or see if they’ve discovered something new that they haven’t shared with anyone

TZ: Do you know how or if NASA is coordinating with the DOD, or Department of Energy?

EP: No, I don’t know if they are on this particular subject. They do coordinate as a general principal, on a whole variety of issues related to outer space. Particularly now, they’re having to coordinate all of the space debris that exist from prior launches and different things. The DOD and NASA and NOAA have to make sure that our satellites or our different vehicles that we have up there aren’t running into things. So there is that coordination. If there’s coordination as it relates to unidentified objects, I don’t know. I need to ask that question.

TZ: How would you feel about establishing a national science panel under NASA? I think that would be vitally important for a number of reasons. The biggest one is that it would help win mainstream science acceptance over the issue, but in doing so it would also help expand our range of knowledge. I know you sit on the national labs caucus as well and one of the people who spoke at that was Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist. He gave a speech and if you look at some of the things he’s mentioned, they haven’t been very kind or supportive of the topic. You know science is very black and white and it’s what you can prove and what you cant. And here we have some of the most highly trained observers the world has ever seen, with the most highly advanced sensor systems being deployed at the same exact time; would you help champion an idea of devolving something of that nature to gain that support by mainstream science?

EP: I don’t know, I would have to think about that one. Exactly what it is you’re trying to accomplish, what kind of board you’re trying to create. NASA itself is under, there’s a specific board that is out of the White House that deals with sorta of space matters generally, science matters generally, so there already is a very substantial board that actually has some say over NASA. So I don’t know about putting a board under NASA. I mean that’s sorta the structural stuff we’d have to figure out exactly what the board intended to do. So I think that’s got to be further thought on that subject.

TZ: Would you be open to talking to even some of our Colorado congressional leaders such as Rep. Michael Bennett? I know he sits on the intel committee with Marco Rubio, which they were kind of the driving force behind developing this UAPTF. Have you spoken to any of the other Colorado congressional members? Would you be open to sharing Constituents’ concerns with them?

EP: No, haven’t spoken to any other members about this subject. And sure, I’d be open to talking to them about it. Since he sits on the intelligence committee, he’s pretty much constrained as to what he can actually talk about because of the top secret nature of discussions that they have. But I certainly can share with him your concern

TZ: Fmr Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has gone on record saying that these things have shown up over nuclear facilities, nuclear weapons facilities and have manipulated nuclear weapons. I think that’s a grave concern so my ask is would you be willing to be a little more open in the public sphere about this and share the drive to kind of let’s get to the bottom of this? If it ends up being something mundane then ok so be it, let’s move on. But let’s get to the root cause of what we’re seeing

EP: Alright so let’s start with your premise. I’m not aware of what Harry Reid has said and I’ll ask my staff to pull some quotes or something. Or maybe you can share that with us? I’m not familiar with his comments. As I said, I’m willing to dig deeper into this precisely. You got to understand I have got about a bazillion things going on. From education issues, to foreign affairs, to financial issues, to science, to subjects like this. So you know, in that time frame then I’ll try to squeeze it in. Not to deminimize this or diminish its importance, but I just have a lot of really intense and important things to be dealing with in my every day. With in the constraints of my time, yes I’m gonna look at this. And yes, if there’s something that isn’t just a nothing burger, then I’m not gonna talk about it. If there’s something interesting then, sure ill talk about it. My first thing that I want to accomplish is to either read the report or to get a briefing. So that’s what I pledge up to you I will do over the course of the next month or so.

I’d done it. A success, a win, what ever you want to call it, I had finally accomplished what I had set out to do two years ago. I finally, was able to hear for myself where the Congressman who oversees my direct district stood on the UAP issue. Had he received the classified briefing? No, but he committed to peruse it, and in doing so will add another member of the United States 117th Congress, to the number of leaders who have already received the classified briefing, those of which already know this is real, and a serious and important subject.

What changed? Was it the UAPTF report? Was it the Deputy Secretary of Defense June 25th memo penned by Kathleen Hicks? Or were they tired of dealing with me? I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to answer that but I had accomplished my mission. Was it my own personal mission? Sure but it also could lead to something bigger. Something more tangible and realistic for others to achieve. Furthermore the sigma attached to the UAP/UFO issue is dying a slow, but noticeable death.

To my knowledge there have not been any other, if not very few, members of Congress that are not a part of the Armed Forces Committee or Intelligence Committee that have asked for and received the classified briefing. Now even to my own surprise, I’ve added one.

This serves as a proof of concept that with enough determination and asking the right questions, even an average guy like myself can make a difference in the subject of UAP’s. And maybe even encourage or inspire others to do the same. If we want our United States government to disclose what it may or may not know about these unknown craft of unknown origin, it’s up to us the continents who have the right and power to bring the long time secrets out of the shadows. But first we have to start asking for it.

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3 thoughts on “A Constituent & His Congressman

  1. Well done, sir. Stamina is key.

    An alternative tip to sweeten them up:
    Offer to be on their list of volunteers – for just leafletting even – whether Republican or Democrat, disclosure is the only bipartisan narrative in town right now. Give ’em a few hours of your time and it might purchase a few minutes of their hamster-like attention span to actually read a few paragraphs of the ODNI report. The 90-day one, due shorly, will hopefully be a bit more tantalising too…


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