Quick Reacts: ODNI Preliminary UAP Assessment

– We got the win.

The Report was always just a thumbs up or thumbs down on more investigation/funding/access to classified sensors & signal collection systems… and we got a thumbs up! The fact that DoD immediately announced the UAP Task Force will become a permanent investigative body ultimately represents a small but important win. It’s another step in the right direction on the long path we’re on – just keep the big picture in view.

-They named the unexplained incidents and admitted we don’t know

The permanent program will focus on the 143 out of 144 (!) unexplained UAP incidents and in particular the 18 (!) where UAP demonstrated advanced “flight characteristics or signature management” that neither our best trained pilots nor our most cutting edge sensors can explain “pending scientific advances.” These were the incidents conveniently bucketed into the “Other” phenomenon category. Pretty wild that they admitted we are behind scientifically to… someone or something.

– The ignorant voices are the loudest but those in the know are starting to counter

Remember that this is the watered down UNCLASSIFIED version. Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator, who has top security clearance due to his former role on Congressional Intelligence committees, has seen the Classified version and just told CNN today that he doesn’t believe it’s Russian or Chinese and that it’s not ours. Mitt Romney also said the same thing. That’s progress. So don’t pay attention to any talking heads on TV telling people there’s no evidence for extraterrestrial intelligence, they just don’t have access to the military sensor data – it’s classified.

– We’re just getting started

Our job now is to PUSH. To push for more declassified data, more congressional follow up, military accountability, and even public hearings. We are an active participant in this journey, and not just passive observers of this history unfolding before our eyes. Keep up the pressure #ufotwitter!

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