Are They Watching Me..?

I recently read Chains of the Sea, written by Gardner Dozois. The short story itself has many layers and offers some interesting perspectives on the Phenomena. Folks like Lue Elizondo have publicly stated how close this story could be to actual reality. The main character, Tommy, really resonated with me. For many years, he could see, feel, and communicate with the others. My personal experiences are no where close to what Tommy was experiencing. However, I feel my events are different and strange enough that they should be shared.

 My first remembered experience was back when I was 9 years old. My grandfather passed away a few months prior. Like any normal night, went to bed the usual way. However this night, something woke me up. As the cobwebs cleared, I looked over to my doorway, and saw a man standing there in shadow. I immediately thought it was my grandfather and was scared shitless. I buried my head under the covers and made no noise for some reason. My parents room was only about 10 feet away but i still decided to stay quiet. I began to just listen under the covers. Silence. A couple minutes later I hear my father’s alarm clock. I then hear him shut it off, climb out of bed and head into the bathroom. To this day, not sure what happened. All I can say is the memory has stuck with me for more than 35 years.

Since that day, I probably have had a couple dozen episodes at various houses. As I think back, some of them have happened around stressful times. Others, I’m not so sure. My typical vision is of a women standing at the end of my bed. Always in shadow. She only sticks around for a few seconds as I get my bearings. I don’t dream about her. I don’t know who she is. I’m always forced awake like I could feel a presence.

Over the years I feel like I am becoming more comfortable with these events even though they still feel traumatic during the moment. A couple months ago, I had a weird dream that was out of the norm. It happened during early morning. I was definitely in a light sleep pattern. In my dream I was visiting my parents with my 3 kids. We took a walk down the quiet road to a neighbor’s house. As the kids were playing in the road, I sat down at the end of their driveway looking at their house. In this dream, I was viewing myself as a third person above like a commentator at a sporting event. I remember clearly asking myself what the hell was I doing. To the western part of the neighbor’s yard are acres of dense trees. I remember all of a sudden I was getting “warning bells” that someone or something was watching me. I quickly woke up and sat up in bed. That “fight or flight” response activated every hair on my body to stand up. This was probably the most intense feeling I’ve ever had. Of course I got out of bed and turned on the lights. Nothing was visually there.

Was this just a dream? Maybe. It just felt odd and extremely different. I know what a normal dream feels like. This was not it. Writing this article is providing me a therapeutic release as I figure out what I should do. Business as usual? Perhaps. Should I set up cameras to record that occasional event? Should I cut out caffeine and the occasional beer to jumpstart more episodes? Not sure. Would you?

By @KeithGolembiew1 / UFO Phenom

2 thoughts on “Are They Watching Me..?

  1. Thanks for sharing. I intend to read the book “Chains of the Sea”, which sounds intriguing. A presence in a room in not unusual. As a member of my local MUFON we have an account of a young girl telling her father of images in her room. He sent us photos, which had to be enhanced through technology, and an amazing symmetrical image appeared.


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