Quest for Truth

The new year has started out with a bang or a dud. Depending on your point of view. Lots of excitement surrounds the UFO community as we near a deadline for the UAPTF report. Harvard scientist, DOD contractors and different ex intelligence officials hinting that we should study the subject openly. More interviews on podcasts with faces that are familiar to “us.” Yet the struggle continues to have the subject on primetime (6pm World News) ABC NBC CBS. The anchors we see here in the USA are not getting the green light from their producers to report it. Why? How does something that has national security implications continue to fly under the radar (literally)? COVID, Election and aftermath, the hottest hookups between celebrity A and B continues to kick us to the curb. I am under no impression that the treasure will be revealed in the first UAPTF report. Nor do I think it will be the last. I see a fully funded program in the future if we demand it. The cloak and dagger continues as people who had certain information and security clearances are shuffled away from the task force. The keepers of the secret are a feisty bunch and will not go down without a fight. That is their plan but in the words of one of the fiercest boxers to enter the squared circle (M. Tyson) “everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face.” The community together is that punch IMO.

What next then? As we saw before our very eyes 2.9 million people changed the status quo in the stock market. They upended the market and a lot of rich folks lost their minds. I think there is 2 million people in the USA that want this subject studied and out in the open. We have been told already that we have to contact our officials, us the people. These officials are on this very platform for us to communicate with them. It will take more than a tweet though. A coordinated effort by all who are really interested in ending the secrecy is needed. Email which is the quickest way for our concerns to be read. Letters which take longer to sift through but have an impact. Possible protests are farther down the road. For now as a collective we need to use our given rights. Why?

  1. To demonstrate to an official that his constituents are aware of an issue or situation and have a real interest in the outcome.
  2. To inform an official about an issue giving background and history that he or she might not have.

How can this not help. There are so many of you with thousands of followers in large numbers, I know not all are citizens of this country but even if half or more are that’s huge. Many of you also have direct links to these talking heads on Twitter. The ones that post videos every other day and give their insight on the subject. Why would they not want to be behind this effort? Personally I think it also a great way to call these folks to action to see if they are worried about numbers or to bring things to light. Our friends outside of the continental US, I am sure have friends here that they can implore them to make CONTACT. The emphasis is the USA but others can do the same in their country. Some of you have spoken of a date that we can target. How can July 2nd which is World Ufo Day not be that day to make an impact, it is only fitting to do so. There are templates for letters and email already being passed around. I will pin the one I have on my page if interested. It is time to put the proverbial POMPOMS down and get in the game. If you have the ability to motivate others on this subject do it. Or in the words of Rapper Ludacris….”Move b%$ch! Get out the way!” JK…

Another point that I would like to make in order to help this cause. For my experiencer folks. The nuts and bolts aspect of the phenomena is not much of an interest to many of you. I understand that disclosure has already happened in one FORM or another. Proper study of one brings the study of other phenomenon that is happening in your personal lives. It is not a barrier I agree with but unfortunately it is there. IMO your voice is needed in this effort. I hope you agree.

I urge many of you to copy and paste and share this with others that do not follow UAP Blog. The end goal is the same, we eventually will need all hands on deck to pull each other out of the muddy waters.

Not picking on these guys but just an example.

Richard Dolan 55k

Jeremy Corbell 36k

George Knapp 63k

Jimmy Church 36k

EarthFiles 37k

Before there was no one to address this to in the USA. Now we have the Honorable Mark Warner.

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