Conspiracies and Compartmentalizing Axioms

I’m so thankful for the people in the UFO community that have documented the manipulation of conspiracies over the decades. Their examples have served many of us well, demonstrating a precedent in how to approach these claims and outlining how invested to be in them. From SERPO to the obvious intelligence community participation on Twitter, there always seems to be a party interested in your belief system.

Frequently it seems the UFO field is surrounded by other suggested conspiracies to be involved. I won’t pretend that I have researched all of these connections to an extent that I can prove to you, or anyone , that they are indeed false and not connected. Just because one participates in UAP/UFO discussions doesn’t mean you owe it to anyone to chase down other conspiracies. So I will avoid mentioning what I’ve heard in particular, but I’m confident anyone reading this knows a few of the claims being vaguely referenced.

This is where discernment and logic need to be applied. The criteria needed to prove something true, in a reasonable manner, is not the same criteria as proving something false.

I see so many intelligent people, online and in my life, conflate the criteria of proving something true versus false. Even some of our popular opinion leaders in the UFO field fall victim to this poor form. To be more accurate, we’re seeing the suggestion that any inability to meet the criteria of proving something false somehow proves the conspiracy true. This type of thinking is a fallacy.

The failure to prove something reasonably false is only indicative that you cannot meet the criteria proving it false. Full stop. Drawing conclusions that the failure to prove something false means it’s true will only end up distracting and wasting time.

Compartmentalize your logical axioms. Narrow the scope of your evaluation. Apply rigorous criticisms to the conclusions you draw. Most importantly, don’t let your emotions cloud the interpretation of your investigation.

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