My thoughts on Ufotwitter 2021 by 10 U.S.C 119-SAP @AjayDaGreat

I have been fascinated with the subject since my Uncle Airmen Arturo Baez Colon II (R.I.P) first told me about him and his copilots encounter in the Vietnam War April 1969 flying over Cambodia in the AC119 Stinger. On a clear day about 2 pm at 18000 feet, a crescent shaped gun metal grey Ufo appeared at their 3 o’clock position approximately 100 feet in front of their aircraft, they were at a cruising speed of about 175 mph. It dropped in like “someone playing with a Yoyo” was his description. It “darted” from their 3 to 12 then 9 o’clock position for 5 minutes, then dropped back behind them. Lost visual at that point. It was half the length than the AC119 which was about 90 feet in length. No blip on the radar or notifications from ground. They did not report the incident. He said they were terrified because he thought it would crash into them. The Ufo never took aggressive action. I asked if maybe if it was missile? He replied “if it was, I would be dead.” Until his passing in 2006 we would find time at reunions to talk. The story was always the same. This testimony is from someone who did not know anything about Ufo prior to being drafted into the war.

I , like many of you , dropped into this rabbit hole and have not cared to resurface from it. For two decades I have read and listened to other serious researchers books, magazines to present day blogs. From nuts and bolts (anything military, my favorite part) ) to consciousness, entities going thru walls, you name it, I have indulged in a lot of aspects of the subject. Ruppelt, Vallee, Keel, Stringfield, Mack, Dolan to following UFO Joe And Danny Silva to Ufotwitter. For many years I knew this part of Twitter existed but only peeked in on it every now and then. In July of this year I decided to enter the fray. I have learned things I was unaware of, even though I consider myself well read. From engaging experiencers, skeptics to scientist working on potentially ground breaking experiments. People who are putting in work. Podcasts and Youtube channels going over older and new cases, sharing information to a new audience, who continue to tune in everyday. These platforms are helping people share their experiences, this is so helpful for people affected by their encounters. If it was pleasant or not…now these have become release valves for them. It is also a great place for those who are past class ‘UFO101″ and on to the infamous “Math 55 class” (Harvard) of Ufology (or so we think). I see passionate people doing their best to raise awareness and uncover the most important finding in all mankind. I along with others appreciate their efforts even if no one tells them so. A true worldwide community. Ufotwitter helps in this regard in my opinion.

I also see the old school authors, writers and researchers who I have also followed from a far. These men and women in their own way keep a balance, no one asked them to but they do. If they have an opinion on someone’s post or comment, at times might seem demeaning or being talked down to. Like “I have four decades in this subject, you are not going to tell me that is not a balloon!” You get the gist. Like Ufotwitter Cops! They too are passionate and want acknowledgement for what exists, whatever it may be. They do not want the subject to be ridiculed because of wackos and frauds. Which many agree is a problem. People must grow thicker skin when you become combatants on opinions. They are just words after all. If you just dropped in on this subject in 2017 when a group in the USA helped declassify the three videos. Great! The veil has been removed from your eyes and voila…the real world is exposed in all its flawed glory. In my opinion having different narratives is paramount when it comes to “disclosure.” Waiting for people to give us the big news, picture or videos can be frustrating and agonizing. I have hope but have my guards up. So the more the merrier when it comes to getting leaks and data from people not associated to each other. I see no way of all of you holding hands and singing kumbaya together. Too many different views in what ‘disclosure” will look like. I do see people looking for the same result. An acknowledgement of an existence that is not us (human). What is visiting people directly? What is taking people against their will? Or if some of these Ufo that are being sighted, are ours…what the hell is the fuel source behind it? It is not plants, coal or gas is it? The answers we all wish we had. Although some claim they do, yet we do not believe them. At least here in the USA we have some type of dialogue with the government. It is still early but is progressing. The UAPTF could possibly be the first domino to fall. In a worldwide effect that would also help other governments be transparent with their citizens. Most countries are literally being told “nothing to see here.” so be grateful. Without any progression to this point. We would probably still be talking about “The Phoenix Lights” or if Dan Burisch was telling the truth.

I have seen alternatives to express ones thoughts pop up on Twitter lately .COM, .BLOGS. Giving a voice to people that want to share observations and experiences. A lot of us do not have the time or funds to launch anything bigger. This too will help the regular schmuck that has opinions and not be limited to 180 characters. If you use the hashtag or not I have good expectations for 2021 in moving the one thing we all have in common forward Ufo/Uap. I myself lean more on the activism part, like I said before I have no insiders. Oh wait… be honest, Mr.Jack Sarfatti (alleged TIC TAC inventor) finally answered a question of mine after three years of asking. So you never know. I will continue to follow and support people doing real work. I will continue to share good information and post it. I will keep sending sternly worded emails to my representatives, its not as glamourous as a Youtube channel or a Podcast but all work the same in my opinion. For those who have followers and people who rely on your research and work. Keep going and stay true to yourself. I will interject the proverbial “its a marathon, not a race” when it comes to “disclosure.” Others who dedicated their lives to this subject have come and gone. It is entirely possible we have a long road ahead or 180 days wink wink. Just keep pushing so future generations can have a different life. To know we are not alone in this vast Universe will definitely humble us and change the way we see each other. If you reached this far of the article. Thanks.

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