UFOs and the Family Connection

UFOs and the Family Connection

For as long as I could remember I have been a curious person. I can vividly remember annoying the crap out of my parents with a million questions about everything I saw around me growing up. In my life I have had several strange encounters with UFOs and after doing some digging I found out that this is not exclusive to just me.

As a 10 year old kid on a beautiful September afternoon after school me and a couple friends in the neighborhood were play wrestling on the trampoline in my back yard. All of the sudden my friend John pointed up to the sky and said “what the heck is that thing!?”. For about 3 minutes my brother my neighbor and I stared at a metallic ball way up there in the sky. This prompted me to run inside and get my dad (knowing he is in aviation) to see if he knew what it was and even he was beside himself. This was my first ufo sighting and it lasted long enough for me to run to my neighbor John’s house grab his binoculars and have us all pass them around and get closer looks at this sphere. After it disappeared we concluded it was a UFO bc it was stationary for so long and this is when my father first told me the most amazing story I have ever heard from a family member to this day.

My father was raised on Long island by my Grandfather and Grandmother. My Grandfather was a pilot in WW2 and a helicopter pilot for Suffolk County police department in the 60s. That is where this story takes place. My grandfather was patrolling the beaches in his helicopter when he was called to check out a strange disc like craft hovering over the Northrop Grumman AFB. Upon arriving in the area my grandfather was looking at 2 large silver saucers hovering over the hangar in which the Lunar lander for the moon missions was being constructed in at that time. He chased the ufos as best he could before being called off by the air force. He then sat in a hover and witnessed 2 saucers completely toy with our best fighters of the time. My Father says that my Grandpa came home from work that day pale white and told my dad to go to his room. My father knew something was wrong because my grandpa never drank and had my grandma pour him a whiskey. He was pretty shook up about the encounter he had at work and my father eavesdropped as my grandpa told the story to my Grandma. That very week a silver saucer flew over Huntington Hospital (our family home was maybe 75 yards from the hospital tops) and swooped over our neighborhood emitting a pink smoke from the back. This was seen by many and made the papers in the Long Island press. My father recalls neighbors being interviewed.

Fast Forward to Christmas eve 2015 also in Huntington NY (long island); it is my brother, my mother, my father, and myself at approximately 11:55 pm when I am drawn to some lights appearing outside my window. At first I saw 2 orange lights and thought they were lights on the wingtips of a 747 on approach to JFK or something.. then those 2 lights turned into 4 and then 6 and then 7. These orange lights began dancing with one another (best way I can describe it) and some would turn off and reappear hundreds if not thousands of feet away in an instant. This prompted me to wake my parents and my brother and we were all at the windows watching this amazing show unfold before our eyes. We made the Rudolph and Santa jokes but this was no joke. Me and my father pull out our cellphones and begin documenting what we are witnessing and while we are doing this an 8th orange light appeared to enter our atmosphere at neck breaking speeds and flew on a downward trajectory heading straight for the ocean. My view was obstructed but I’m sure it hit the south shore at that trajectory if it didn’t change course but as soon as that happened the other 7 lights drifted straight up into a point and vanished. One of the 7 craft flew east and 3 of them just turned off like a light switch. After this incredible almost religious experience I couldn’t stop re-watching the footage I captured and remember thinking “damn, I actually captured something crazy” . I told my close friend at the time and he asked me to send him the clips, so I did. Upon him opening the video and watching it once it deleted off his phone, my videos deleted off of my gallery, as did my father’s videos. This really shook me up bc I know me and I would NEVER delete footage of ufos from my phone.. it was something that has been of great interest to me since i was 10 yrs old on that trampoline astonished at what i was seeing above me.

My theory on the xmas eve experience was that the craft crashed into the water, but my father believes it was a craft traveling so fast around the bend of the earth that it only appeared to be going down to us. I thought that was a pretty cool way to look at it but to this day my family always talks about that sighting and the others experienced by family members. In 2020 I saw a black triangle raining white orbs in september and more orange orbs in october here in fort wayne Indiana and I don’t think that I’m done experiencing this phenomenon by a long shot. In november I got an awesome photo of a tic tac ufo filmed by my uncle back on long island so I just want to say to the folks back on the east coast… keep your eyes on the skies because something is up there.

-Brian Smith


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