Man – A Being in Search of Meaning

TTSA and what it means to me

By: Tommy Zito

January 26, 2015 is a day that I will remember forever. My world was rocked by the news released by Rolling Stone, with the headline “Tom DeLonge Leaves Blink-182”. This was a very sad moment for me as I was watching one of the most influential pieces to my adolescence, fall apart again. This news not only came by much surprise, but it was also very confusing and convoluted, as the band had just recently mended its wounds and reunited after the very tragic plane crash that involved the bands drummer Travis Barker.

In late 2016 Rolling Stone did this again. But this time with something a little more odd, and much more intriguing. I knew Tom was up to something. WikiLeaks had dropped some bomb shell emails between my favorite Rockstar and John Podesta, in “The Podesta Emails”. I’m sure WikiLeaks was just as surprised as I was to find that the punk rocker from SoCal was having in-depth conversations with high ranking government officials, and also Air Force and NASA generals. The breakup of Blink was becoming much more clear. It was obvious that Tom’s book Sekret Machines: Chasing shadows, co-authored with AJ Hartley, had made waves not only with the AVA and Blink faithful but within the US government too.

After the WikiLeaks e-mails were confirmed to be authentic we were littered with cryptic social media posts by Tom. Saying that a groundbreaking announcement would be made. This literally went on for months. Until October 11, 2017 when Tom DeLonge took the stage with some very impressive individuals, such as Jim Semivan, who spent 25 years working for the CIA, Dr. Hal Puthoff who’s spent a life time working with government black projects, including the CIA’s remote viewing program (Go watch the George Clooney movie, “The Men That Stare at Goats” Right now!) Christopher Mellon, who served 12 years on Capitol Hill in various positions including Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. The man was the keeper of our national secrets! Steve Justice, who served as the Director of Advanced Programs for the highly respected division of Lockheed Martin, Skunk Works. And a Career intelligence Officer named Luis Elizondo. The announcement was filled with telling information about the Public Benefit Corp, we all know today as To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science.

Tom DeLonge and Luis Elizondo, Image: Den of Geek

The formation of the company was only solidified on December 17, 2017 when the New York Times release the article “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O program”. Where we learned that the government had not been 100% forthcoming, and they were studying UFO’s under a secret program called AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program), started by Fmr Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, and was being run by our very own Elizondo. This article was combined with three historical UAP videos, and a truly amazing story told by a 18 year fighter pilot Veteran, Cmdr David Fravor. This changed the view on UFOs but also how ufology should work. It brought legitimacy to the subject and could no longer just be chalked up to tin foil hats and little green men.

The egg had been broken.

To The Stars Academy was propelled to the top of ufology and was making waves that we had never seen before. Shaking up not only the UFO community, but also mainstream media. In further work done by the great George Knapp. We later learned that this program not only was connected to every three-letter agency under the sun, but also to the legendary property once owned by Robert Bigelow, Skinwalker Ranch and now studied by one of Utah’s most prominent business men, Brandon Fugal . A property that I have been intrigued by and interested in ever since I learned about Coast to Coast AM, and truly where my roots began in ufology.

Brandon Fugal, Image: Utah Business Magazine

TTSA was what brought the subject full circle, left me without doubt that something strange is happening here and has been for a very long time. TTSA was the tool that got the government to unknowledge this phenomenon in a way they never had before. It answered some questions but has left us all with even more. TTSA is what made me ok with Matt Skiba taking Tom’s place in Blink-182 and has brought a elevation to a subject that was long overdue. No matter the recent TTSA revelations (see Mike B’s recent blog entry) the snowball is running down the hill at an unprecedented pace. I have no doubt in my mind that this can not be stopped. It’s too big, too fast, too involved and too damn interesting to just pull the plug. TTSA has given propose and motivation to even the most average person. Its given a voice, its given bravado in some circumstances. This is a machine that will not stop. To The Stars Academy is something larger than life, and one day could help provide answers to some of our greatest questions.

We cannot uncrack a broken egg.

Published by tommyzito

Truth Seeker-UAP Blogger-Father-Bigfoot hunter

4 thoughts on “Man – A Being in Search of Meaning

  1. Interesting read, Tommy! I’ll be looking forward to future posts. Now if only you could tell me who was Jack the Ripper and who killed Kennedy… PS…Bigfoot lives in Uwharrie National Forest in NC…another reason to come visit!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! For sure want to get out to NC! Especially if we know where to find Mr.hide and seek champion haha. As far as JTR and JFK, still up in the air on those 😜

      Liked by 1 person

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